AUDITION for 2018/2019 this Sunday the 17th of June.

Digesting impressions

Saturday we celebrated Danseuddannelsen’s 10 years anniversary with “UNRAVEL” - and what a day! We are still digesting all the impressions and experiences that came along with this day and we are overwhelmed with joy and pride to say the least. 

We are joyful and proud for unmentionably many reasons, but let’s try to explain a few…


From top to toe

UNRAVEL consisted of 5 pieces. The pieces were all very different from each other and each piece had their own unique features, but they all represented Danseuddannelsen from top to toe. All the dancers were either current or former students and the pieces were choreographed by Sara Gaardbo, Nana Kjær Regner (graduated 2013), Tobias  Ellehammer (graduated 2011) and Asta Gaardbo (graduated 2014). 


Bring it back

Our celebration day and the 5 pieces paints a clear picture of the education being self-sufficient and sustainable - wait, what… are we talking about climate changes now? No! :) What we mean by saying that we’re self-sufficient and sustainable is that Danseuddannelsen has grown to be one big eco-system of students being educated and then coming back to teach, to do projects, to develop material, and so much more, which we are incredibly happy about. Furthermore it is not a closed eco-system we have going on here; we also bring in teachers that has completely different background to add other amazing things to the education as well as the former students don’t only come back to us - they are both near and far, nationally and internationally. This is something that we cherish even more and what is one of our main goals on the education: to create dancers that are independent, courageous, diverse, adaptable, and innovative. To strive for all these things our graduates need to be disciplined and to “fly the nest”, and then we are thrilled to welcome you home, when you are back. 


Our contribution

We are exceptionally proud of the fact that we each year contribute to the dance community with new shooting stars that graduates Danseuddannelsen and immediately becomes a part of the professional dance scene. We are also happy about opening new doors and inspiring some of the students to continue their development and seek more training to continue working on their craft. 

Cheers to 10 years of guidance, mentorship, development and last but not least DANCE. 

A massive THANK YOU to everybody who has been a part of this journey, we could not have done it without you!