Cirkusrevyen 2018 with 3 of our former students in the cast... 

While most of us have been travelling, spending time in the sun, or enjoying a vacation in some other way our three former students; Helene Høier (2014/2015), Adam Tocuyo (2016/2017), and Lea Simonsen (2016/2017), have been working at Cirkusrevyen doing 8 shows a week every week since mid May. Today they can celebrate show number 100 - CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! :)

In Cirkusrevyen the dancers have 2 dance numbers created by René Vinther, where they are put into two very different environments and are challenged in both genre and moods. This is something that we know these three people are capable of, when they put their mind into it! But since Cirkusrevyen mainly consists of sketches making fun of today’s society, the dancers have to be willing to adapt into a lot of different roles and situations, which is not something everyone can do. We are so proud of the three of you for having booked this job where you most differently have to be versatile as well as disciplined (the number of shows is even enough to understand why). 

Keep up the good work, we are cheering for you.


Onstage photos by Henrik Petit


Helene, Adam & Lea

Helene, Adam & Lea