6 of our Danseuddannelsen family members were a part of the Elaine Hersby show at Copenhagen Fashionweek earlier this month…

How beautiful when everything unites in perfect harmony. 

Former student Nana Kjær Regner both danced in and choreographed this stunning show at D'angleterre, and we are paralyzed by your talent both on stage and as a choreographer - you are one of a kind.

Along with her she brought 7 beautiful dancers - 4 of them being either former or current students from Danseuddannelsen. Congratulations Naomi Matzeu Malchau, Maria Ipsen, Maria Juul Gauger, and Emilie Frost Ebstrup for a succesful show - you were shining on stage, and we are so very proud of you. 

Current student Frederik Levin showed another skillset being backstage sending the models on stage and being the calm in the chaos.

Scroll down to see some of the photos from the show.