San Boshi at Detour Urban Dance Festival…

Choreographed by Olivia Sol Anselmo and danced alongside former students Maria Gauger (2017/2018) and Asta Gaardbo (2013/2014) last week at Detour Urban Dance Festival.

Urban Detour Festival is an event created by Sara Jordan that each year brings new urban dance pieces to the stage and showcases different choreographers within urban dance. We are so proud of our two former students showing both feminine strength, vulnerability, and badass musicality all at once in this beautiful piece by Olivia.

We have seen Asta develop into such a strong dancer (and also choreographer) since she graduated Danseuddannelsen in 2014 and we can barely stop punching the air in excitement of this lady. Also we feel the need to give an extra round of applaus to Maria who graduated only 3 months ago and already is out and about in the dance community in search for more.